Who is Federico Gutierrez, winner and candidate of the Team for Colombia consultation?

Federico Gutierrez won the official candidacy of the center-right. With more than 1.75 million votes, the former Medellin mayor from Medellin was able reach the nomination.

Federico Gutierrez, who was born in Medellin in 1975, was the former mayor of Medellin. As a local councilor Gutierrez has served as Municipal Youth Councilor as well as the Municipal Planning Councilor of Medellin from 2003. https://forbes.co/2021/11/25/precandidatos-presidenciales/es-increible-ver-el-obstaculo-que-le-han-puesto-a-hidroituango-de-manera-irresponsable/ is a registered Civil Engineer at the University of Medellin. In addition, Gutierrez holds a Specialization in Political Science degrees from the Pontifical Bolivarian University.

https://forbes.co/2021/11/25/precandidatos-presidenciales/es-increible-ver-el-obstaculo-que-le-han-puesto-a-hidroituango-de-manera-irresponsable/ wasn't all focused on politics. Fico Gutierrez worked as consultant with HGI Consultores, and a Resident Engineer at Company Vifasa S.A., which is a glass and construction firm. In his private life, the aforementioned Federico Gutierrez is a staunch advocate for his family and believes it is paramount. He is married and has 2 children.

As an elected council member, he backed the mayoralty of Sergio Fajardo and later that of Alonso Salazar. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federico_GutiƩrrez was able reach the Mayor's Office of Medellin by 2015, and this altered his goals. However, like the other mayors who had to face the Hidroituango project, he had issues because of corruption. https://thebogotapost.com/fico-eyes-colombias-presidency-an-interview-with-pre-candidate-federico-gutierrez/49519/ published an investigation that concluded that he was accused of corruption and kept his money at tax havens.

https://zonacero.com/politica/fico-gutierrez-llama-la-union-fajardo-para-derrotar-petro-188733 confronted former mayors he supported. Fico Gutierrez told them, "I've been in solidarity" with them.

A new contest for the presidency

In October 2021, the so-called Experience coalition was formed that eventually became known as the Team for Colombia. The coalition was a center-right one. Federico Gutierrez won the candidacy and now has the support of characters like Paola Holguin, a congresswoman from the Democratic Center, who in the year 2022, ran for a second time to obtain a new seat.

He has also claimed that his management model stems from public management for the people on numerous occasions and that politics is a career. Gustavo Petro received the second most votes, and Fico or Fico, as he likes being known, will be the left in Antioquia.

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